Maria Callas la dieta e le sue ricette in un documentario

    Maria Grazia Caso

    Il nutrizionista Antonio Migliaccio racconta Maria Callas e il cibo  intervista tratta dal documentario Callas cooking

    Callas’s Kitchen: Ingredients of a Legend (2006) 52″

    Diretto  da Marco Kuveille

    Scritto e prodotto da Tony Shargool per Media Picture International, 

    Better-known for being one of the greatest sopranos in history, Maria Callas also had a passion for cuisine. Her relationship with food is revealed in the documentary Callas’s Kitchen: Ingredients of a Legend (La Cucina di Callas, Italy, 2008) as part of Eurochannel’s special Italian Month.

    Behind her unique voice and strong-temperament, Maria Callas was a skilled cook and admirer of food. When not on the stage, she liked to spend hours in the kitchen, inventing recipes, cooking and tasting many unique dishes.

    Many believe that her love for food is what led to her large figure and powerful voice. Initially weighing in at over 100kg, the singer shocked the world when she lost weight, becoming much thinner. Many believed that after this loss of weight, her songs were never quite the same.

    Based on the old saying “you are what you eat,” this documentary examines Maria Callas and what food really meant in her life. With a light tone and a sense of satire, this film reveals how experiences in her youth caused so much excess, chronicles her weight loss, which affected her voice, health, and temperament, and examines whether that condition was related to her premature death at age 53.

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